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Solo Exhibition:

Mystic Geometry

Nancy Hoffman Gallery

520 West 27th Street, NYC.

Opens Thursday, December 14th 6-8PM

runs through January 20, 2018


My previous site-specific project helped me establish the base of the sevenlarge scale paintings going into the exhibition at Nancy Hoffman Gallery 

Mystic Geometry - Circling the Square

Solo Project by Katerina Lanfranco

Curated by Katherine Murdock

Centering Essay by Katherine Murdock

Trestle Gallery: 850 3rd Ave, Ste 411, Brooklyn, NY, 11232

Opening Reception: Friday May 19th, 7-9pm
On view May 8th to June 4th, 2017

May 23rd: Curator as Artist Talk: Katerina Lanfranco

"Mystic Geometry: Circling the Square" was an immersive site-specific installation that centers itself around an octagonal floor mandala and sculpture situated at the center of the square gallery. The walls of the gallery are composed of seven large-scale paintings that feature geometric forms creating a panoramic sanctuary for the viewer. The geometric forms found in Lanfranco’s work represent the elements of life and mystical concepts. This exhibition provides a reprieve from everyday life and offers an inviting and encompassing aesthetic experience that explores the symbolic characteristics and allegorical narratives that Platonic solids and geometric forms that exist in naturally occurring forms and that have been referenced throughout art history, spirituality, and philosophy. 

In the spirit of Trestle Gallery’s 2017 exhibition theme “Artist as Curator,” Chief Curator, Katerina Lanfranco reverses her roll from curator to artist. Lanfranco reveals her studio practice through an open dialogue during the fabrication and installation of her site-specific work with guest curator Katherine Murdock who is the Assistant Curator at the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey.

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MYSTICGEOMETRY.COM documents the concepts, studio process, open installation, as well as overall development of the project. It offers a behind-scenes look through a dynamic and inherently expanding archive. The exhibition seeks to create a contemplative space that acts as a sanctuary for the frenetic pace of contemporary life - a panoramic experience that at once nestles and soothes the viewer while offering an expansive vista, both illusionistically and philosophically.

Katerina Lanfranco is a Brooklyn-based artist who makes paintings, drawings, sculptures, and mixed media installations. Through her studio practice, she explores the intersection between nature, science, and fantasy in her art.


She earned her BA from UC Santa Cruz (Studio Art and Visual Theory & Museum Studies) and her MFA from Hunter College, City University of New York (Studio Art: Painting). Her work is represented by the Nancy Hoffman Gallery, and is in the permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art, the Kupferstichkabinett (Museum of Prints and Drawings) in Berlin, and the Corning Museum of Glass. She teaches studio art at museums and other institutions for higher learning throughout New York City. She has been awarded several artists residencies including a six month creative artist residency in Kyoto, Japan through the Japan/US Frienship Commission to study traditional Japanese arts and crafts.


Lanfranco is the founder of Rhombus Space, an exhibition space in Red Hook, Brooklyn. She is also the Chief Curator at Brooklyn’s Trestle Gallery.


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